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Project Description
The primary goal of this project is improve the operational efficiency of an organization by developing a generic system that automates day to day operational tasks managed by teams or groups in an enterprise.
The system will provide one common interface to manage multiple tasks/modules. The intent is to deliver a prototype or basic framework that will have potential to be expanded or customized based on individual enterprise requirements. Currently, the application supports the following modules:

 Employee Vacation Management Module
 Product Ownership Management Module
 Product Support Coverage Management Module
 Generate Monthly/Yearly Report
 Account Creation/Validation Management Module

Team Members
Naveen Kumar
Farida Mishra

Build Guide

DB Install Guide

Application Install Guide

User/Developer Guide's%20Guide.htm

Team Meetings

June 24 2009
Project Discussion
The primary agenda of this meeting was to:
- Brainstorm various project ideas
- Different languages/tools to be used in the project

June 29 2009
The primary agenda of this meeting was to:
- Close on selection of the project
- Finalize languages/tools to be used for the project
- Finalize project name (EPOMS)
- Install languages/tools to be used

July 3, 2009
- Reviewed contents of project Wiki page and detailed project description
- Finalized project plan
- Finalized project schedule

July 6, 2009
- Reviewed issues in integrating mono/MySql db
- Reviewed issues in installing ubutnu in Windows environment
- Reviewed environment issues with professor
Direction from Professor: Use C# and Visual Studio environment for project development. Continue making parallel efforts in Linux environment set-up. If linux/mono/MySql set-up issues still exist for another 1-2 weeks, then continue using windows VS C#/MySQL environment for the project.

July 8, 2009
- To review setting up and integrating C#/MySql for project development
- To review next milestone and check Progress against Schedule (PAS)
- To review issues and work around for Linux environment set-up
- To review DB schema and Design for User Authentication Development

July 12, 2009
- Created most of the databases.
- The next step is to post the db on the source code page. The procedure of downloading/copying MySql databases on the local folder is not as simple as downoading Access dbs.

July 13, 2009
-The .sql script file with all SQL commands for creating db and tables would be uploaded on the codeplex. Anyone can download this file and run it (using instructions available with download) on Mysql server and the db and tables will automatically created.

July 16, 2009
- Mono + MySql environment has been set-up on the PSU linux environment. All development work done in Windows so far will be migrated and tested in linux. Good progress has been made on the project so far!! We will provide documentation on Mono and Mysql set-up and key learnings in linux to the Open Source Development community.

July 19, 2009
- Updated schedule on the wiki.
- Uploaded .sql file on the source code.
- Methods development is in full swing.
- Completed db tables creation.
- Learned key features of ADO and successfully able to insert and able records in db through mono scripts.

July 22, 2009
- All methods to add/modify/delete an entry in employee management, vacation and account log-in are completed
- Redesigned the existing project in object oriented format using classes

July 27, 2009
- Almost 90% of the development is complete
- Next steps:
- Wrap up remainig development
- Complete testing
- Product release

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